People that drive you crazy

By Dan Rockwell via  Article

How To Navigate Weakness On Your Team

“It’s not the work; it’s the people that drive you crazy.

You love working with the people on your team. BUT there are a few things that drive you nuts.

People with extraordinary strengths have exceptional weaknesses. Don’t limit your success by eliminating remarkable people.

  • A detail-person is too literal.
  • A person who is good with people talks too much.
  • A good listener can’t make up her mind.

Don’t let the negative 20% pollute the positive 80%.

Navigating weakness in others:

#1. Release silly fantasies about ideal team members.

Stop expecting to love everything about the people on your team. You don’t even love yourself that much.

#2. Expect remarkable people to rub you the wrong way.

#3. Love the 80%. Accept the 20%.

The lousy comes with the good in the real world.

#4. Honor and respect the irritating others on your team. Don’t work to fix people. Learn to adapt.

Rigid people find relationships difficult.

#5. Teach your team to adapt to each other.

#6. Don’t minimize or defend the weaknesses of others. When you hear legitimate complaints, say, ‘You’re right. Everyone has weaknesses, even you and me.'”

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