The source, not a resource

By Pascal Finette via email to mailing list

Rethinking People

“If you have ever worked for a company which was big enough to have to organize their people (or build one), you will have encountered the Human Resources (HR) department.

It is a pretty weird, backward and industrial way of thinking – assuming that humans (people) are merely resources. That might have been true during the times when we were focussed on building an efficient and effective industrial organization with an aim to churn out as many gadgets at the lowest cost possible. It surely is not true today anymore. Today the value of most companies is directly related to the people who work there and the work they are empowered to do.

Humans are not a resource, they are the source. They are the source of everything a company does.

As you are growing your company, as you are bringing people into your organization and as you are managing the people inside of your business, shift your thinking from resource to source. It will fundamentally change the way you think about how to engage with your people, how to empower and support them to do their best work – and it will pay off handsomely in your company’s performance.

Build What Matters.
Pascal ツ”

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