A 97 percent employee approval rating

By Justin Bariso via inc.com   Article

It Took LinkedIn’s CEO Exactly 2 Sentences to Give the Best Career Advice You’ll Hear Today

“With a 97 percent employee approval rating on Glassdoor, LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner has developed a reputation as one of the most beloved CEOs in the world. Weiner recently shared his advice on what it takes to reach employees on a deeper level: ‘Inspire, empower, listen & appreciate. Practicing any one of these can improve employee engagement; mastering all four can change the game’ …


There are many ways to empower your employees, including providing them with:

  • the flexibility to work remotely, wherever and whenever they can produce
  • the tools they need to do their best work
  • the freedom and psychological safety required to explore new ideas, to experiment, and to express dissenting opinions …


Effective leaders know that good listening is an art. To do so, you must give complete attention to the other person. (That’s right, put the phone and other distractions away.) Resist the urge to interrupt. Also, avoid trying to solve the problem, or think in terms of right and wrong. …


Appreciating your people is about more than giving credit where it’s due, or telling someone: ‘Job well done.’ Nor is it about flattery or praise for the sake of praising. True appreciation is looking for the good in others, getting sincere and specific about what you appreciate, and why. It means seeing their potential. It also means commending right away when you see something good. …


… If you truly want to inspire, forget about trying to impress others with what school you went to or what you’ve already accomplished. None of that matters to the people you’re leading right now.

Instead, be willing to:

  • take time out of your busy schedule to help them with a problem
  • remain open-minded, happy to try out new ideas
  • get down in the trenches and join in the dirty work
  • show your people you’ve got their backs by staying by them even when they make mistakes
  • do more than tell people where they should go–set the example and show them the way

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