Don’t decide between yes and no

By Jim Schleckser via   Article

Highly Successful People Don’t Decide Between Yes And No

“When most of us are faced with making a decision – in business or in our personal lives – we tend to frame it within a context of: yes versus no. It’s seems pretty straightforward, right? You ask yourself if you should do it or you shouldn’t and then, whichever way you’re leaning, you make your decision.

… life is short. Not only do we not have enough time for everything we want to do, our lives quickly get cluttered with plenty of other things we don’t really want to do. That’s because we say yes to things too easily. But how can you make more time for the things you are excited about at the expense of those you’re less enthusiastic about?

The key is to reframe how you make your decisions. Rather than using a scale of yes or no, reframe the decision in a way where you either think – Hell yeah! or No. And if it isn’t a Hell Yeah!, it’s a No. …

While the concept of saying no to anything that doesn’t qualify as a Hell yeah! decision may seem simple – it’s also profound. Think about someone who is debating whether they should spend the rest of their life married to someone else. Do you think they should say yes to someone that even gives them a pause of doubt versus a Hell yeah! I want to marry you?

This is also a great tool for making decisions in your business. Whether you’re deciding on whether to hire someone, introduce a new product, or expand into a new geography, your answer should be no, unless it’s an obvious Hell yeah! decision.”


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