Best management advice you ever received?

By Alan Murray via Fortune CEO Daily <> June 9, 2017

“I’ve been sharing bits from our new poll of Fortune 500 CEOs, which was done to accompany the new Fortune 500 list. Among the questions we asked the chiefs was: ‘What’s the best management advice you ever received?’ The result was an outpouring of pithy pointers. A selection follows:

‘Out-dream, outthink, outwork’

‘Focus on your team’

‘Speak less—listen more’

‘Highs are never as high as they seem; lows are never as low as they seem’

‘Always start with the consumer’

‘Never assume competence’

‘Think 10X not 10%’

‘Think like an owner’

‘The CEO sets the level of the bar, everyone else adapts to it’

‘Don’t believe the news clippings’

‘Balance confidence with humility’

‘It is better to be effective than right’

‘Surround yourself with people more capable than you’

‘Don’t believe your own BS’

‘Be yourself’

‘Be vulnerable’

‘Stay focused’

‘Do what’s right'”


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