Is this a circle?

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Is This A Circle? What The Answer Reveals About You

“If pushed to choose, would you say this image contains a circle or not? People who tend towards saying the shape above is a circle are generally more liberal, a new study finds. People in the study who tended to say this was a circle were also: for the legalisation of cannabis, for gay marriage, for a government-funded welfare state.

Those who said the shape above was not a circle tended to be more politically conservative. Naturally, they were also more likely to be for strengthening drug laws and ‘small’ government.

For the study people were shown all sorts of geometric shapes, not just circles. Some of the shapes were perfect squares, circles or rectangles, some were not. The idea is to test how much people tolerate differences from the norm.

People who are more tolerant of the difference between the shape above and a circle are more likely to accept deviance in society and in others. Those who are stricter about geometry are also stricter about other people.”

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