Anyone can dream

By Todd Smith via   Article

Just Do It

“A couple weeks ago, we heard about a coffee shop that recently popped up in town. It was open only on Fridays and Saturdays. … When we walked through the doorway, I saw what looked like an abandoned office space: cold and cracked concrete floors, sparse walls, and folding chairs. … the place was packed, and the coffee was, as we had already assumed, fantastic.

The owners had a dream to open their own coffee shop. They didn’t wait for a permanent space. They didn’t wait until they could afford sturdy, handcrafted wood furniture. They didn’t sit idly by until the stars aligned. …

Anyone can dream, but few will put in the work to see those dreams come to fruition. Dreams give an illusion of ambition without the discomfort of risks and effort. Dreams are safe in your head. …

Here are eight tips on how to make the first steps toward your goals:

  1. Start with a burning desire. … ‘The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.’
  1. Build the discipline to do what is difficult, what is scary, and what is risky. … it’s the faithfulness in fulfilling the little uncomfortable things along the way that separate those who succeed and those who don’t. …
  1. Surround yourself with doers. Jim Rohn’s popular saying ‘you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with’ rings true here. If your friends are ambitious people of action who don’t make excuses, you’re likely to follow suit.
  1. Start small. … starting small will reveal whether it’s something you really want to follow through with, as well as because it’s easier to move toward a goal you set to achieve in a week rather than a decade.
  1. Work with what you have. Like the coffee shop example, if all you have is folding chairs, at least people have a place to sit. If all you have is the music software that came with your computer and a cheap microphone, that’s enough to start recording and sharing your work.
  1. Get feedback. Your goal is consistent education and improvement, not instant success. …
  1. Realize that failure is inevitable. Whenever you start a new endeavor, you will fail. Your project may not crash and burn, but there will be small disappointments and failures along the way. … Reaching your goals will require learning, adapting, and not taking failure personally.
  1. Dream better dreams. If your dreams don’t spur you forward, then they’re not worth keeping around. If you can’t get past the first tip in this list, it’s time to trade your old dreams in for some better ones.”

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