A paycheck or self-actualization?

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Do You Want a Paycheck or Self-Actualization?

“To illustrate how Maslow’s hierarchy plays out in an organization, let’s look at a well-known highly profitable firm, Apple:

1. Physiological

Apple is known for paying employees above minimum wage, providing health and retirement benefits to part-time employees, and having a generous parental leave policy. Meeting basic needs allows their employees to move higher in the hierarchy to focus on innovation and customer experience.

2. Safety

Apple’s in-store employees are not paid on commission. This creates a sense of security. Not worrying about financial safety enables them to authentically help customers without being distracted by their basic needs for survival.

3. Love/belonging

Apple unites their workforce behind the Apple brand. Saying, ‘I work at Apple’ means I’m in the tribe of cool kids. Apple provides iPhones to all of their employees, as both a symbol of belonging and a gesture of appreciation. Leadership wants their people to connect with each other. They encourage employees to spend non-work time together and provide opportunities to do so.

4. Esteem

Rallying the Apple tribe around the brand fosters loyalty and self-esteem. Employees derive esteem not just from the name Apple, but also from what the company actually produces. They put 10,000 songs in your pocket, they connect people around the world, they bring creativity into classrooms, and the list goes on. It’s a source of pride for employees.

5. Self-Actualization

… Steve Jobs’ original contention was the personal computer was a bicycle for the blind, giving people the ability to explore like never before. Jobs was famous for saying he wanted to put a dent in the Universe. Employees have a purpose larger than themselves; their work is changing lives.”


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