Bounce them out in 10 minutes or less

By Michael Graber via   Article

The Why of What You Do

“So, you want a job? We’ve been on a hiring frenzy at the Studio. Sadly, the drudgery of the interview process has wasted too much time and energy. More than 90-percent of the time we end up playing a role that seems more like a professional coach, friend, or therapist, trying to help the candidate figure out their core strengths and where they may potentially make a good fit in our culture. Then, we stop being so nice, realizing, this is their job, their ticket to the meeting.

Enough! Now, we are courteous, but bounce them out in 10 minutes or less unless they have done the work to prepare. We hear there is a talent shortage, but what we see is lots of people who don’t care enough to research the company with whom they are interviewing and who do not know themselves—and many are in their 30s, 40s, 50s.

At a minimum, if you are interviewing for a position know what the company does, research and read their thought pieces and propaganda, look up their leaders on LinkedIn, and be able to speak to how your experience and proclivities can help them meet their targets sooner. …

Finally, be able to speak to your driving passions, the why of what you do. As the great poet Ezra Pound stated: ‘only emotion endures.’ This wisdom is truer in an interview setting than any other. If you have the hard skills and experience, but not the manner, the social graces, soft skills, and awareness of others to establish a genuine rapport, then you will not be able to grow professionally into a managerial or leadership role. Speak to your core drives and tie them to the interest of the organization where you seek to be a vital force.

In summary, before going on a job interview, know your audience, know yourself, and make it matter.”


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