11 insulting things

By Jeff Haden via inc.com   Article

11 Insulting Things Terrible Bosses Say When They Fire an Employee (That Great Bosses Never Say)

1. ‘This is really hard for me.’ Who cares if it’s hard for you? The employee certainly doesn’t. …

2. ‘We called you all together today…’ … Always take the time to talk to each person individually. No excuses, no exceptions. …

3. ‘We’ve decided we need to make a change.’ … Skip the platitudes. … State the reason for your action as clearly and concisely as possible. Or just say, ‘Mark, I have to let you go.’

4. ‘We will work out some of the details later.’ … Getting fired is bad enough; sitting in limbo while you figure out the next steps is humiliating for an employee who wants nothing more than to leave.

5. ‘Compared to John, you just aren’t cutting it.’ Never compare the fired employee to someone else as justification. Employees should be fired because they fail to meet standards, targets, or behavioral expectations. …

6. ‘OK, let’s talk about [that]. Here’s why…’ … Don’t feel the need to respond if an employee starts to vent. Just listen. That’s the least you can do…and at this point, the most you can do.”

7. ‘You’re a good worker but we simply have to cut staffing.’ … Never play games to try to protect the employee’s feelings–or worse, to protect your own. Just be straightforward.

8. ‘We both know you aren’t happy here…so this is really for the best.’ Whether or not the employee will someday be glad you let her go is not for you to judge. Employees can’t find a silver lining in the fired cloud, at least not at first. Let them find their own glimmers of possibility.

9. ‘I need to walk you to the door.’ … Don’t put them through a walk of shame. Just set simple parameters. Say, ‘Jim, go ahead and gather up your personal belongings and I’ll meet you back here in 10 minutes.’ …

10. ‘We’ve decided to let you go.’ The word ‘we’ is appropriate in almost every setting, but not this one. Say ‘I.’ At this moment, you are the company (even if, in fact, you’re just an employee). Take responsibility.

11. ‘If there is anything I can do for you, just let me know.’  … Absolutely say, ‘If you have any questions about benefits, final paychecks, or other details, call me. I’ll make sure you get the answers you need.’ … Remember, when you fire an employee it’s all about the employee, not about you–and especially not about what makes you feel better.”



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