Millennial employees wish you understood

By Steven Kaufman via   Article

6 Concepts Your Millennial Employees Wish You Understood

“Simply put, millennial employees work harder and remain more loyal if they believe their boss understands them and their needs. Here are six important considerations that your millennial employees wish you recognized.

1. Their time is more valuable than money.

It’s no great secret that employees hate it when their boss keeps them in the office late or bombards them in the evenings and on weekends with emails, phone calls and homework. … when one of your team members completes their part and turns it over to you, they expect you to complete it promptly so that they can move onto the next thing instead of waiting on you. …

2. They want to know what’s happening with the company.

Does your office operate on a need-to-know basis? Your millennial employees are probably not happy with that arrangement.Workers usually aren’t offended if they’re not included in a company’s decision making – they know that’s your job. But they do resent being kept in the dark about the company’s plans and direction. …

3. They want to learn something.

… Learning something new keeps them engaged, and they know that if and when they move onto a new job, your company will have made them a better employee. If your employees aren’t learning anything, they aren’t improving themselves, and they’re apt to go someplace where they can.

4. They hate the open office concept.

… Chances are, millennials believe that you put them in an open office simply so that you could keep an eye on them. Again, this erodes trust. … Nobody grows up hoping to work in a cube, or worse yet, around a table, like a kindergartener. And if you maintain a private office for yourself, they’ll resent you for it.

5. They want praise and a raise.

… But if millennials’ hard work, engagement and sacrifice isn’t rewarded, you’ll quickly catch them turning in the bare minimum. … only two things really move the needle: praising quality work and raising compensation for top performers. …

6. Nobody really loves their boss.

… Where many entrepreneurs go wrong, though, is coveting their employees’ love and admiration, too. No matter how fun you make your workplace or how deeply you involve yourself in your millennial workers’ lives, the fact remains that nobody loves their boss. And nobody wants to. … if you keep their interests in mind while running your business, they just might love to work for you. Isn’t that the kind of company where you’d like to work too?”


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