It’s the “and”

By Dan Rockwell via   Article

Companies Choose Unqualified Managers 82% of the Time

“Only one in ten people have the talent to manage. No wonder, according to Gallup, companies choose unqualified managers 82% of the time.

If you disagree with Gallup’s findings, establish a criteria for effective management behaviors and survey your employees, anonymously of course.

It’s the “and”:

The “and” in the following sentences makes management challenging.

  1. Building relationships and delivering results.
  2. Answering expectations from higher ups and treating people like humans rather than tools.
  3. Getting things done today and reminding people of the big picture.
  4. Giving support and challenge.
  5. Having tough conversations and staying optimistic.
  6. Innovating and establishing routines.
  7. Listening to input and making decisions.
  8. Prioritizing time and remaining flexible.
  9. Expecting performance and developing people.
  10. Providing negative feedback and affirming positive behaviors.”

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