The five worst parts of a management job

By Liz Ryan via   Article

“Here are some of the worst parts of a typical first-line management role:

• Having to discipline and terminate employees

• Having to deal with corporate politics

• Having to manage conflict between employees (or between your department and other departments)

• Being saddled with unrealistic goals to hit without the resources needed to reach those goals, and

• Feeling squashed between the employees and their needs, and the senior-level managers and their needs

With all these hassles to deal with, why would anyone ever accept a management job?

People do it because they like to teach and coach people. They do it because they like to encourage people. They enjoy building a team and helping their team members thrive and grow. They like setting goals and hitting those goals — not through their own individual efforts, but by supporting their teammates.

People take leadership jobs because it grows their flame to get altitude on their organizations and their own careers.

The money is not enough. If you take a leadership job for the money, you will be disappointed.”


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