How to build ethics

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How to Build Ethics into Your Team Culture

“… leaders need to ‘walk the talk’ by engaging in ethical behavior. They need to create a strong ethical culture in their teams by providing the tools needed to help team members behave ethically, on a reinforced basis.

Some tools to inject ethics into the team culture include:
  1. Positive reinforcement, such as praising people for notifying you of a mistake they have made.
  2. Encouragement of open reporting of ‘bad news’ in any form.
  3. Establishment of systems that strongly encourage ethical behaviors, such as refusing to allow derogatory remarks in any form (jokes included). This would require backing by formal systems, such as clearly defined and protected ‘whistle blower’ procedures.
Once created, an ethical culture in your team can be expected to have a strong effect sideways and downward within the organization — and outward to the wider stakeholder community.”

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