Remarkable one-on-one meetings

By Marcel Schwantes via   Article

The Single Best Way to Stay on the Same Page With Your Employees

“The best solution to make consistent clear goals and expectations an operational reality is through one-on-one conversations. …

One-on-meetings become time savers when used on a recurring basis, but you need to know how to structure them so that it works to your advantage. Here’s how:

1. The leader schedules the meeting, and keeps it short.

One-on-ones don’t have to be any longer than 15-20 minutes. The shorter the better.

It’s the leader that sets the meeting date and time. That shows you have an interest in your people and it tests your follow-through and commitment.

2. The employee provides the agenda.

This puts the focus on the employee, and pushes the responsibility on them to tell you, the leader, what they need to address, and what they want to talk about. So leaders, let them drive the meeting by giving an agenda.

3. Meet at least once every two weeks.

If possible, depending on the level of responsibility for the employee, meet weekly. Use your best judgment.

4. The focus should be on what the employee wants to talk about.

Leaders should always ask if there’s anything else that needs to be addressed, and if they have everything they need.

Then you can communicate your part — new expectations given to you that needs to be handed down: good news, bad news, new direction, praises, affirmations.

5. Stay committed to the bigger picture.

Both leaders and employees need to demonstrate equal commitment to the process and show that they value these meetings for better collaboration and engagement. Leaders, especially, need to show its importance by treating it as a priority. And it goes without saying, if a meeting has to be postponed, reschedule promptly.”

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