We crave only three things

By Marissa Levin via inc.com   Article

Want to Double Your Employee Loyalty? Science Says Provide These 3 Things

“Humans make relationships harder than they need to be. At our very core, we crave only three things (after food, shelter, and good Wi-Fi service):

  • To feel safe. ‘I can take risks and not be demoralized or penalized.’
  • To feel like we belong. ‘These are my people. This is my tribe.’
  • To feel like we matter. ‘Is the work that I am doing meaningful to my organization? Am I making a dent in the universe?’

That’s it. These are the three things we need to declare complete devotion to another person, cause, or organization.

So why do we so often fail to inspire these feelings in those we need?

According to neuroscience expert Christine Comaford, author of the New York Times Bestseller Smart Tribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together, we know that 90 percent of our behaviors are driven by our emotional brain. Our intellect controls only 10 percent of our decision making. …

Assessing your organization’s safety, belonging, and mattering

Christine has developed a Safety, Belonging, and Mattering Index. Organizations can have their employees complete this questionnaire to gain an understanding of how safe employees feel at work. Here are the true-or-false questions:

  1. It is safe to try new approaches, to innovate, to be vulnerable, to share my ideas at work.
  2. When I make a mistake, I am corrected with respect, and the desire to help me improve.
  3. I have the tools and resources necessary to perform my work to the best of my ability.
  4. I understand the expectations of me and my performance.
  5. I trust my team members and colleagues to support my and the company’s success.
  6. I am motivated by, and find meaning in, the company’s mission, vision, and values.
  7. I receive acknowledgement and appreciation at work.
  8. I have a career development path that the company supports.
  9. I feel I matter to the company. I am making a difference here.
  10. Would you refer your friends to work at your company?”

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