Sniff the stink

By Dan Rockwell via   Article

7 Ways to Sniff the Stink

“Success hinges on dealing with things others turn from. Plug your nose when something stinks, if you want to fail.

  1. Ignore anger.
  2. Reject worry. Tell yourself everything will work out on it’s own.
  3. Medicate organizational anxiety.
  4. Dance around challenges.
  5. Discuss comfortable topics – avoid uncomfortable.
  6. Affirm the mediocre.
  7. Tolerate backstabbers.

Successful leaders lean in when others lean away.

The way you deal with stink determines:

  1. The height of your reach.
  2. The usefulness of your influence.
  3. The effectiveness of your leadership.

Start sniffing when something doesn’t smell right. Breathe deep. Don’t plug your nose.

7 ways to sniff the stink:

  1. Stay curious when curiosity feels awkward. ‘I’m wondering about….’
  2. Bring together gratitude and dissatisfaction. …
  3. Don’t be happy all the time. You should feel bad when things are bad. Just don’t wallow. Unhappiness instigates change.
  4. Be optimistic. ‘I think we could do better.’
  5. Declare the pain. ‘This hurts.’
  6. Pick the scab. “What makes you think things will be different next time.”
  7. Confront negative patterns. ‘This isn’t working. What needs to change?'”

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