Should Your Car Kill You?

By William Herkewitz via   Article

The Self-Driving Dilemma: Should Your Car Kill You To Save Others?

“In a split-second, the car has to make a choice with moral—and mortal—consequences. Three pedestrians have just blindly stumbled into an oncoming crosswalk. With no time to slow down, your autonomous car will either hit the pedestrians or swerve off the road, probably crashing and endangering your life. Who should be saved? …

‘… we conducted a series of online experiments to gauge how people were thinking about these ethical scenarios and how comfortable they would be to buy autonomous vehicles that were programmed in various ways.’ The survey results are outlined today the the journal Science. …

Whether the choice was between their own car fatally crashing itself to save two, three, or ten pedestrians, ‘what we found was that the large majority of people strongly feel that the car should sacrifice its passenger for the greater good,’ says Bonifan. ‘Even when people imagined themselves in the car, they still say that the car should sacrifice them for the greater good. And even when people imagine being in a car with a family member or even with their own child, they still said the car should kill them for the greater good.'”


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