Habits you need to break

By Kat Boogaard via inc.com   Article

8 Bad Communication Habits You Need to Break Immediately

1. Constantly interrupting. … if you’re one of those people who tend to jump in and interrupt or — even worse — try to complete people’s sentences for them, you need to keep yourself in check. …

2. Multitasking. Conversations deserve your full attention — and not just the halfhearted glances you’re willing to give them when you manage to rip your focus away from your iPhone screen. …

3. Using qualifiers. ‘Don’t take this personally, but…’; ‘This might be a bad idea, but…’; or ‘I know what you’re thinking, but…’ …

4. Equating your experiences. … Someone is explaining a difficult problem he’s currently facing. You immediately retort with ‘I know exactly how you feel!’ and then launch into your own long-winded tale of a time you experienced something that’s not even the least bit similar. …

5. Floundering. We’ve all had to deal with those people who seem to just ramble on endlessly without a point — those people who appear to be talking simply because they like the sound of their own voices. …

6. Avoiding direct contact. I’m a big fan of the convenience of email and text messages. However, if you’ve ever dealt with someone who took the time to write out a lengthy message for something he or she could have easily explained to you in person in as few as two sentences, you know how frustrating that can be. …

7. Waiting instead of listening. As my mom always loves to tell me, ‘There’s a big difference between hearing and listening!’ And when you’re having a conversation with someone, you should be actively listening. …

8. Using filler words. ‘Hey, Jason. Umm … I’m just checking in on that, uhhh … report to see if you think you’ll, like, have that done by the end of the day.'”


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