Failure is a means to an end

By Terry Lee via   Article

Permission to Fail

“In my adventure of life I’ve learned courage is not, not being afraid, it’s facing your fears even though you are afraid, and what you realize is that fear is an illusion. It isn’t real even though it appears to be real. The reason it isn’t real is because fear is always in the future. It is always about what might happen, but hasn’t. When or if it ever does, it is hardly ever as bad as it was expected. In fact, in every adversity comes a seed of equal or greater benefit.”

— Mark Ashmore

“… one of our core values is Permission to Fail and it is rooted in the following beliefs:

  1. You act without fear of failure because you believe that through failure there is something valuable you can learn.
  2. You have unwavering confidence that even in the event that you do fail, you can pick yourself up and get it right the next time.
  3. You act with courage, especially when making the right decision means going against the general consensus.
  4. You are adept at making decisions based on incomplete information because you’re confident in your ability to correct course.

…  Our goal is to cultivate a culture that embraces failure. By giving our team permission to fail, we create an environment that challenges the status quo, takes calculated risks, and pursues new, innovative ways to solve challenges.

… I’m most proud of how resilient our team has grown. Not surprisingly, we’ve made lots of mistakes and failed more times than I can count, but we’ve created an anti-fragile system that doesn’t just survive failures but gets stronger as a result.

Don’t get me wrong: Failure is not the goal. But, our belief is that failure is a means to an end that will allow us to achieve our full potential.”


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