By Todd Ordal via   Article

How to know if you’re breathing your own exhaust

They tell you what you want to hear because you’re the one whose praise or criticism carries the most weight. Bereft of good input, you start to create your own — internally generated.

How do you know? Here are the signs:

  1. No one challenges your bad ideas (yes, you have many). Your team implements them, and when they fail, people make excuses for you. The market turned. You had unexpected competition. It was a great idea, just bad timing.
  2. In your weekly … staff meetings, everything is going swimmingly with the … new product, new hire, marketing program or software installation — pick one … until there’s a complete failure.
  3. You’ve had seven quarters of good financial results, and you’ve become increasingly confident that it’s primarily because of your good leadership. The fact that you’re growing at the same rate as the rest of your industry — maybe even below — seems less important. …
  4. You know that you could be doing much better if you only had better people. Must be human resource’s fault. Your ideas are great; they just can’t execute! …
  5. The gregarious conversation your team is having suddenly turns somber or quiet when you walk into the lunchroom.
  6. You completely understand what your customers need, so there’s little value in spending time with them. Hanging with your peer group is much more rewarding. …
  7. You’re tired of asking others their opinions. It’s more fun to talk about what you believe the world should look like.”

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