21 ways: 15-21

By Les McKeown via inc.com   Article

21 Ways to Be a Better Leader Without Breaking a Sweat

15. Ask more than you tell. Sure, there are communications that require you to be declarative, but leadership as a whole is an exercise in inquiry.

16. Show more than you demand.The leader as a role model isn’t something that’s talked about much right now (mostly because of the lack of such role models in many areas of life– politics, sports, entertainment), but it’s still the most powerful tool in your leadership toolkit.

17. Repeat yourself.When you literally feel nauseous at the thought of repeating what’s important, others are just beginning to get it.

18. Batch crap.When you allow the prospect of dealing with dreck to get you down, you underperform. Pull together the three or four things you truly loathe the thought of doing, and get them done as early in the week as possible. You’ll be amazed how well you perform the rest of the week.

19. Only use email to move around information.Your keyboard isn’t a proxy for rich communication.

20. Reach down two levels.Don’t build a cadre of lieutenants who get all your attention. You’re leading the enterprise, not your immediate reports.

20. Be nice.Whatever reason you use to justify being a jerk, you’re wrong.”


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