21 Ways: 8-14

By Les McKeown via inc.com   Article

21 Ways to Be a Better Leader Without Breaking a Sweat

8. Get comfortable with silence.

9. Know your presuppositions. Before any important meeting or discussion, jot down what presumptions, assumptions or biases you’re walking in with. Note that they might be right, helpful, useful – or they may not.

10. Distrust what you trust. Not all the time. Just often enough to rethink what you take for granted.

11. Don’t talk to think. Thinking out loud is confusing when the person doing the verbal processing is the leader of those who are listening (‘Is this an instruction? Are we really going to do this?’). Only do it with people who know you well, or make it clear when you are ‘just musing’.

12. Give positive feedback three times more often than you do. You don’t do it enough, trust me.

13. Get low-level seating in your office and use it. If you have the real estate, add a round table (or a coffee table), and use it by default. Make your desk a work surface, not a communication barrier or power play.

14. Be present. You can only be in one place at a time– so be there. Stick a pin in your palm, snap an elastic band on your wrist. Do whatever you need to give the present your full attention.”


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