21 ways: 1-7

By Les McKeown via inc.com   Article

21 Ways to Be a Better Leader Without Breaking a Sweat

“1. Switch off your cell phone. Go on, you can do it. Just for one meeting.

2. Look people in the eyes. Practice doing it consistently.

3. Think. Pick an hour in the day (the week, if you’re really strapped) and just think. Don’t listen. Don’t read. Don’t talk. Don’t eat. Don’t drink. Just think.

4. Get out of your inbox. Twice a day is enough for most people. If it’s not, for you, then you have deeper communication management problems.

5. Stop using amplifying adverbs. Every time you use words like ‘very’, ‘fundamental’, ‘must-do’, ‘imperative’, you drain their impact. Simply state what you want to say, or want done, without amplification.

6. Ask ‘What can I do for you?’ Many leaders fail to recognize that they can be a tremendous asset for their people – but only if they place themselves in that position.

7. Get out from behind your desk. You do know the real action is happening elsewhere, right?”


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