By Dan Rockwell via   Article

The Complete List of Toxic Behaviours That Poison Teams

Toxic behaviors connected to communication:

  1. Assume silence is agreement.
  2. Overstate teammate’s opinions and question their motives.
  3. Sweep difficult topics under the carpet.
  4. Speak for others. Begin sentences with ‘you’ – you always and you never.
  5. Polish terminology until the message is lost, obscure, and acceptable to everyone on the planet.

Toxic behaviors connected to lack of humility and disrespect:

  1. Tolerate drifters.
  2. Allow power-members to drone on and on.
  3. Share your feelings without regard for others.
  4. Make decisions in private meetings, before team meetings begin.
  5. Fight for everything you want.
  6. Don’t adapt, as a matter of principle.
  7. Start over when late-comers arrive.
  8. Interrupt each other.
  9. Use sarcasm to put people in their place.
  10. Refuse to admit you’re wrong and pretend you know more than you know.”

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