Making a difference

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“How to be Happier at Work by Making a Difference – People who engage in giving and being of service to others report feeling more engaged, more motivated, and happier.

Make it your mission to make a difference – … Rather than just seeing your work in the context of your job description – what you get paid to do – think about the time you spend at work as a vehicle for having a positive impact. …

Recognize the positive impact of your work – … Start by taking a look at how your work makes a difference, even in small ways. Does it make someone’s life easier? Does it give a co-worker the information they need to do their job …

Acknowledge and recognize – … You don’t have to be in a position of authority to give recognition. Simply acknowledge people’s contribution. Give someone heartfelt thanks. Look for ways to help people feel valued. Write a gratitude note. …

Share knowledge – Look for opportunities to share your knowledge. It might be mentoring someone at an earlier stage of their career to help them navigate the path and thrive. It might be a particular skill you have that would be beneficial (e.g., how to communicate effectively). Or it might be helping new hires learn the ropes. …

Generate and implement ideas – Be on the constant lookout for ways to make things better. That might entail bottom line driven ideas like how to save money or make money, or it could simply be ideas for how to improve the quality of life on the job for the people you work with. …

Cultivate community and connection – One way to make work a better place is to help cultivate a sense of community. Wherever you are on the org chart, you can contribute to this. It might be as simple as initiating regular lunch gatherings with the people you work with. …

Be the change – Ask yourself, ‘What kind of workplace do I want to experience?’ Then make it your mission to embody that. How can you contribute to the environment you want to experience? Some examples of how you can “be the change” include:

  • Look for opportunities for acts of kindness.
  • Be a role model for positive attitude.
  • Refuse to join in on the negative (i.e., bitch-n-moan), and when possible, defuse it when others do.
  • Focus on what’s possible. Be a voice for possibility.”


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