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By Rebecca Knight via   Article

How to Be Good at Managing Both Introverts and Extroverts””

“… leading a team comprised of introverts and extroverts. How do you manage these vastly different personalities and work preferences? How do you draw out your introverts and get your extroverts to listen? What’s the best way to adapt your management style so that it works for everyone?

What the Experts Say
Until recently, personality types and human dynamics were not typically the stuff of work conversations but that is changing, says Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking. ‘We are now at a point in corporate culture where it has become socially acceptable to talk about this.’ For good reason, she says. ‘Introversion and extroversion go to the heart of who a person is: how they work, how they live, and how they interact.’ …

Extroverts and introverts take ‘dramatically different approaches to work and social processes,’ says Cain. Understanding these preferences will help you become a keen observer of ‘the people who are part of your team and what drives them,’ says Gino. Extroverts, for instance, tend to tackle their assigned work promptly; they’re quick, sometimes rash decision makers. They’re comfortable with risk-taking and multitasking. ‘On the other hand, introverts work more deliberately and slowly. They prefer to concentrate on a single task at a given time.’ Extroverts gravitate toward groups and they tend to think out loud. ‘They are energized by social gatherings and shared ideas,’ she says. In contrast, introverts typically dislike noise and big group settings—’they may enjoy business meetings and some parties, but after a moment they wish they were at home with some good books.'”


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