Money is not the goal

By Steve Denning via   Article

Can The 21st Century Corporation Operate Without Agile?

“In traditional management … ‘Power trickles down. Big leaders appoint little leaders. Individuals compete for promotion. Compensation correlates with rank. Tasks are assigned. Managers assess performance. Rules tightly circumscribe discretion.’ The purpose of this world is self-evident: to make money for the shareholders, including the top executives. …

The Agile mindset is quite different. Its purpose is to delight customers. Making money is the result, not the goal of its activities. Its focus is on continuous innovation. Its dynamic is enablement, rather than control. It coordinates work with structured, iterative, customer-focused practices. Its communications tend to be horizontal conversations. It aspires to liberate the full talents and capacities of those doing the work.

… The sovereign concept of the new mindset — the guiding star of the Agile organization — is to delight the customer. Everyone in the organization is focused on adding value and innovation for those for whom the work is done. Everyone in the organization has a clear line of sight as to how their work contributes to that. Profits—and increasing shareholder value—are seen as the result, not the goal of the organization.”

Traditional Management

Creative Economy


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