Discover your true north

By Tom Brown via   Article

Go North, Lost Leader

“Former CEO Bill George argues that leadership is a journey that requires a special compass if it is to be authentic. …

Finding your true north involves three steps, which are detailed in the three parts of the book.

In Part One, George stresses how important it is for a leader to review his or her past in order to understand the significance of the leadership journey. … The key events to dwell on, he says, are those times when someone experienced a ‘crucible,’ a time of personal transformation caused by illness, divorce, poverty, discrimination, rejection, failure, or some other form of personal testing.

In Part Two, George explains the five areas important to a developing leader. These are being self-aware, sticking to one’s values, staying with a career sweet spot, having and utilizing a support team, and, lastly, living an integrated (balanced) life. These are the core building blocks for becoming an authentic leader. …

In Part Three, George discusses what occurs when your unique and distinct ‘true north’ is challenged by the real world. Since no one can lead alone, he advocates leading from a position of ‘we’ and not ‘I,’ and thereby avoiding any kind of lone ranger-ism. Further, he believes that what unites a team (no matter the size) is not the force of one leader but the common focus on a core purpose that rallies all to succeed. This force is strongly amplified when the leader has instilled a spirit of empowerment.”

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