Truth comes in sentences. Bull**** comes in paragraphs.

By Steve Roesler via   Article

Do You Use Verbal White Space?

“Graphic designers know how to focus your attention.
They frequently communicate through the use of white space.

Less is more. The message is clear. There’s no clutter.

Use Verbal Whitespace …

Boss says: ‘We finished the senior level meeting and it looks as if we have to increase our numbers. We’ve been working hard on that project for a long time. I told the management team about the obstacles, how much overtime people have been putting in, and what the client has been saying. You know how much I appreciate your….’

Boss means: ‘We have to increase our sales by 10% and decrease our expenses by 5%. It’s not really negotiable. I want to decide before the end of the meeting  how we can do that.’

Father: ‘You know, son, there are a lot of people out there who could get you into trouble. I know that you are really a good kid and don’t want to get into trouble. Man, when I was your age, there were a lot of kids in my class who were doing things that their parents never knew about. One of them even ended up going to jail for awhile. We live in a tough world. When…’

Father means: ‘Son, I love you. I found out for sure that John on your soccer team is taking drugs. I don’t want you to do that or even try it. You can die. And I love you.’

The Power of Noun-Verb-Object

… Start thinking the way your fourth grade teacher taught you: Noun-verb-object.

‘Please (you) give me the first draft of your report by 5 o’clock on Thursday.’

We will meet on Tuesday at 10 am.’

‘Let’s (us) start a new marketing campaignI want to announce the kick-off in March.’

Your brevity will be appreciated. Really. Your message will be clear and understandable. Your trust level with others will go up because your verbal packaging will go down.”


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