First, manage yourself

By Dan McCarthy via   Article

Before you can Lead Others, you need to Manage Yourself

“… here’s what managing yourself means:

1. You know who you are and how you are perceived by others. We leadership development geeks call this ‘awareness of self’. It’s not as easy as it sounds – most people have ‘blind spots’ as to how they are perceived by others. We overestimate our strengths and expect to be judged by our good intentions, not by how we are really behaving ….

2. Develop your Emotional Intelligence. Daniel Goleman nailed it in his classic 1998 HRB article ‘What Makes a Leader. When he examined the elements of emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill) he found a direct correlation with leadership effectiveness and business results. …

3. “Control” your emotions. Another way of saying self-regulation. Controlling your emotions doesn’t mean not being emotional – it means not letting the limbic part of your brain take over the rest of you and cause you to go on psychotic rampages. For more on how to maintain your compose, see last month’s Brief.

4. Develop a set of guiding principles, or core values and walk the talk. Core values could include integrity, honesty, credibility, respect for others, and humility. Great leaders are crystal clear on their values and use their values guide their behaviors and decisions. …

5. Balance. .. taking care of yourself – your health, practicing mindfulness, managing your stress levels, getting enough sleep and exercise, and building meaningful relationships. We know this when we see it – we say ‘you know, that Cheryl really has her %$#& together.’ When you are out of balance, it impacts your behavior, which impacts your ability to lead others.”


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