Can you point to one instance?

By Patrick May via   Article

Companies re-imagine the annual performance review

“… the annual review is increasingly criticized as a negative, time-consuming and outmoded way of sizing up yourstaff, an end-of-the-year ordeal that instead of helping an employee get back on track can actually do the opposite. …

‘I would like anybody to point to one instance where an annual performance review has actually improved someone’s performance; … ‘they require a huge amount of work for an organization and don’t produce value.’ …

‘When you look at exit interviews, the overwhelming reason people leave jobs is because of their manager, not because of compensation or their commute,’ … ‘And when you dig a little deeper, you often find that what’s missing is feedback — it’s that feeling that my manager is not communicating well with me and so I don’t know where I stand.’ …

Some tips on improving the annual performance review

1. Eliminate all checkboxes and numeric scales. … ‘A good system needs to highlight significant incidents, provide clear examples of positive and negative behaviors, and include specifics.’
2. Provide feedback on things the employee can change. Avoid talking about personality traits orcharacteristics they can’t change.
3. When giving negative feedback, focus on specific incidents and examples. Talk about your impressions and feelings, and never make judgments about what’s going on in the employee ‘s head, for instance, by saying: ‘You clearly don’t care about this project.’
4. Don’t set up your team members in competition with one another.
5. Focus on strengths more than weaknesses.
6. … Reviews need to be more holistic and find ways to take into account nonobvious team-building behaviors. The person who helps keep everyone else’s mood up whenthings are tough is appreciated, but not really noticed — until they’re gone.'”


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