My theory is simple

By Tom Asacker via   Article

Leadership is simple

“Einstein said, ‘It is the theory which decides what we can observe.’
You don’t have a theory of leadership, a metaphor.
One that allows you to observe and compare people’s behavior.
And which informs your decisions and actions.
My theory is simple.
Leaders are Sherpas.
The root of the word ‘lead’ means ‘to go forth, to travel.’
Great leaders are simply great guides on other people’s trips.
And what makes someone a great guide?
They’ve climbed the mountain many times before.
So they know the terrain and the culture.
And they know how to prepare the route and the logistics.
But more importantly, they listen to, and work with, the climbers.
They support them, keep them moving and on track, and remove obstacles.
They don’t talk much.
And they don’t stop to convene countless meetings.
They allow the climbers to reach the summit through their own skill and will.
Successfully and safely.
Leadership is simple.
It’s the climb that’s challenging.”


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