The No. 1 skill gap

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Influence: Learn early, pratice often

“You need to sell ideas and motivate others. Sometimes, you make the case for your own ideas. Other times, you pitch the ideas of others on your team or the decisions made by higher-ups. Always, you need to influence.

… In one CCL analysis of 360-degree feedback of first-time managers, influence was the No. 1 skill gap, according to the bosses and peers of these first-time managers (highly important skill needed to be successful, yet managers were rather ineffective at doing it).

To develop the ability to influence others, pay attention to how you currently try to persuade. And watch how effective leaders around you manage to get people nodding their heads and rolling up their sleeves to help out. … Here are the four core tactics that are used most and work best …

Rational Persuasion. You use logical arguments and factual evidence to persuade the other person that a proposal or request is viable and likely to result in the attainment of task objectives.

Inspirational Appeals. You make a request or proposal that arouses the other person’s enthusiasm by appealing to his or her values, ideals and aspirations, or by increasing the person’s self-confidence.

Consultation. You seek the other person’s participation in planning a strategy, activity or change for which the person’s support and assistance are desired. You may also modify a proposal to deal with that person’s concerns and suggestions.

Collaboration. You provide assistance or necessary resources if the other person will carry out a request or approve a proposed change.”

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