Stink bugs and flowers

By Dan Rockwell Via   Article

“There are two types of leaders, stink bugs and flowers.


When stink bugs show up, everything stinks.

  1. Fear goes up.
  2. Teams feel dumb.
  3. Nothing’s good enough.
  4. The past is more important than the future.
  5. ‘Little’ people are punished.
  6. ‘Important’ people are given exemptions.
  7. Standards are set after the fact, not before.

Everyone celebrates when stink bugs leave.

Fragrant leaders:

  1. Focus on opportunity.
  2. Define success. People know what winning looks like, when fragrant leaders show up.
  3. Fuel energy.
  4. Make people believe they matter.
  5. Evaluate ideas on merit, not who spoke them.
  6. Center status on performance and contribution, not position.
  7. Serve people, rather than people serving them.”

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