Change ‘we’ to ‘I’

By Boris via   Article


“Recently I had an interesting conversation with someone who works at a bigger company. We spoke about inefficiencies at different levels, and how to get shit done. He said something that made an impression:

Change ‘we’ or ‘us’ to ‘I’ as much as possible, and force others to do the same. It is very easy to say ‘Shouldn’t we be doing this’ but it won’t change things. But, if you change that to ‘Shouldn’t I do this’ then things become much more tangible.

He was talking about big companies, but it applies to small companies as well. End your discussions with the question ‘Who is going to do this thing, and when?’. By taking responsibility and setting a date you move from theory to reality.’

That’s not what we are going to do, but what I’m going to do. How about you?”


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