Ships are not made for the harbor


Leadership Develops When You Escape Your Comfort Zone

“Successful leaders know that they must get out of their comfort zone to succeed. Great leaders from history are those who have spent a large amount of their time outside their comfort zone.

Leaders who take risks and step into their learning zone are those that succeed. It’s only when you can give up what’s safe and familiar that you create opportunities and develop new capabilities. As you do, you expand your influence and gain the skills required to take on bigger and bigger challenges.

In this sense, leaders are self-made and not born, they are developed, not promoted. Leadership is a learned skill that is developed as you step out of your comfort zone.

The Three Zones of Leadership

Leadership begins the moment you step outside your comfort zone. … There are three zones of leadership that impact our development as leaders.

  1. The Comfort Zone. The comfort zone is where we spend most of our time. As the name implies it is the place of comfort, it is safe, easy and predictable.
  2. The Learning Zone. The learning zone is the most important, this is the space between your comfort zone and your danger zone. This is where you push the boundaries of your existing skills and experience. This is where real learning and growth takes place.
  3. The Danger Zone. The danger zone is the place where you are stretched too far, over-stressed and unable to lead.”

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