Tom Brady

By Gene Marks via   Article

We Are All Shocked! — Shocked! — By the Tom Brady Cheating Scandal

“This is what you’re up against: competitors who have their own definition of what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s moral and what’s not. Many are willing to take their chances of getting caught. That’s because the people who run businesses successfully generally enjoy the game of making a profit. They like to buy low and sell high. They willingly cut corners, lie about their services, lie about your services and pretend it’s all just ‘friendly competition.’ It’s not. They like to steal your customers and will cheat to do so. They want to hire your employees who bring with them your data. They cheat. They sleep like babies. They love it. …

Your supplier who is giving you the ‘best price possible’ until you find out at a conference that another company is buying the same stuff from him for 10 percent less? Isn’t that cheating? Sure, you have contracts that are fairly negotiated. But unlike the NFL, there are no written rules governing fair play. Your customers will make promises, pat you on the back and say anything just to get the best price possible from you – and then ‘forget’ to pay. Your vendors will short-ship or divert product to someone else more profitable than you. These people are cheating. Get used to it.

Your employees are cheating, too. They are telling you that they are qualified for the job when they’re really not. They’re embellishing their resumes. They’re promising to come to work on time and then come in late. They say they’ve finished the job when they haven’t. They call in sick when they’re just hung over. They stick a couple of pieces of your product in their pockets and walk home with your office supplies. …

And, let’s face it, you are cheating. … You sneak through personal expenses on your business accounts. You tell sob stories to get the best price and make promises to your customers that you know you can’t keep, hoping you’ll figure out a solution later. You sneak out early on a Friday for a ‘meeting’ which is really a cover for a golf game and you talk up the ‘great atmosphere’ at your company to a prospective manager when sometimes you have your doubts.

There are consequences, of course. Tom Brady got caught cheating, so now he’s suspended for a few games and his team has to pay a fine. … But, like Tom Brady, none of this is going to stop me.  Or you. Or all the people that you do business with. You are a competitor. You want success. You’ve learned the hard way that people who want to succeed, people who want to win, people who are driven, will all cheat in one way or another to achieve their goals. None of this cheating is biblical in nature — no murders, no violence, no larceny. But it’s all a form of cheating, nonetheless. It goes on all the time. Welcome to the world of business.”


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