Silence is a killer

By Gregory Ciotti via   Article

Why silence is a startup killer

“Silence can seep throughout an organization, sabotaging motivation, enthusiasm, and comradery.

Hard language, harsh reality.

If you don’t agree, it’s because you haven’t felt it looming. Silence allows small setbacks to snowball into bigger problems, makes level-headed folks skittish, and causes melancholy and disconnect. For every scenario, the dose makes the poison.

Why is so much at stake with communication? It’s because great teams are composed of passionate people—people who value support for their contributions.

Appreciation matters, but it’s often misunderstood.

Understanding Genuine Appreciation

You can never fully appreciate someone’s work unless you’re in the same field. You simply won’t know enough about what they do. …

Professional people want to be pushed. Anyone worth working with desires mutual success and wants to see the team succeed. Regardless of your role, appreciation comes from knowing a bit about each others’ struggles and contributions.

You can’t have this connection without communication, and that’s why you shouldn’t let things get too quiet. …

Starting more conversations

When you get busy it can feel like to-do lists are just dropping from the sky. But you won’t get people to open-up if you don’t seem receptive. It’s a two-way street, so do your part to speak up.

Asking about teammates’ challenges

‘How is everything?” isn’t enough; surface-level questions get appropriately shallow responses. Be curious about what people are up against, and show enough interest to check-in. Done well, these conversations are rewarding for both parties.”




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