A game of skill and inches

By Arnold Waldstein via arnoldwaldstein.com   Article


“Selling though at it’s best is like professional sports to me. I stand in awe of the best. It’s a unique activity where strategy and training are the long tail of preparation to be perfectly poised to recognize and capture that nanosecond of opportunity that drives the close. Truly a game of skill and inches. Truly an expertise where manipulating time and urgency are the core elements of success. …

I do believe that metaphorically at least, sales starts where marketing ends.In that blurred space between surfacing a market and making someone feel good buying. It is no mystery why sales and marketing costs invariably are on the same expense line in the budget. …

When you are sitting with the person with the pen, usually two people at the end of a long conference table, this is the salesperson in the seat and the closer is certainly in the room.

What did I do, end of the month to channel my needs??

I decided that it was not the time for sales at all. I sat down and sent thank you emails to top contacts and customers. Just checking in, thanking them for their support, and in some cases, for their friendship. Not a hint of a passive aggressive sales nudge in any way. Not a deal came of it. This will pay dividends over time big time.

The marketer was in the room.”


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