Want to be psychoanalyzed?

By Victor Reklaitis via marketwatch.com   Article

Want to be psychoanalyzed by an investing algorithm? Take this test

“Before they dole out recommendations, robo advisers need to figure out what type of investor you are.

You can’t have a heart-to-heart about your finances with a computer, or explain how you freaked out about the stock market tanking during the 2008 financial crisis.

So Charles Schwab’s robo adviser and rivals rely in large part on online questionnaires to determine if you’re a big gambler or not.

And some of their questions are rather creative, touching on how you handle a job loss or even feel about the word “risk.”

See how you rate in the quiz below culled from questions that are posed by robo advisers:


How fearless are you as an investor?

Before doling out recommended investments, robo advisers want to get to know you. While they can’t gaze into your eyes, the robots do ask a bunch of questions to see if you’re a fearless investor or more of a worrywart. Are you aggressive or cautious? Give your answers and find out. Here are four interesting questions that MarketWatch spotted in getting recommendations from various robo advisers.




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