Why Google won’t eat you

By Pascal Finette via theheretic.org   Article

Why Google (Or Facebook, Or …) Won’t Eat You

“I hear a variation of the following statement from entrepreneurs all the time – typically delivered with a certain amount of terror in their voice:

We developed this cool thing – what if Google (or any other big, resource-rich) company decides to also do this and in the process crushes us?

Tell you what: Ain’t gonna happen. At least not as long as you stay firmly on the right side of the mythical man month. Even the fastest and nimblest corporation takes forever to get shit done (at least in comparison to the two guys in a garage). By the time a large corporate has even had their first planning meeting you have released your alpha version to testers. By the time they decide to build something you are on version 1.0 and creating critical momentum and user love. By the time they hit the market you are on version 2.4 and have leapfrogged the original idea based on real user feedback.

All you need to do is focus on execution. Focus on getting shit done. Build, don’t talk. Get product into user’s hands. Create momentum and make your users love you and your product.

Nothing can stop you. Not even Google. Or Facebook. Or…”


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