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This May Not Surprise You: Only 10% Of Managers Have What It Takes To Be Managers

“It’s actually really, really hard to be a great boss. And the qualities that make people great bosses are not how we decide who gets promoted.

If you interact with managers at work, this may not surprise you: A lot of people aren’t good at being managers. They lack the skills, the poise and, above all, the ability and willingness to engage. And we all know how this affects you, the worker. A bad manager can be disconnected and uninterested, leaving you alone but failing to help you grow. But the situation can be much, much worse.

Just how common are these bad bosses? A new report from Gallup, based on extensive polling, finds only 10% of managers have what it takes to be ‘a great manager.’

‘Great managers possess a rare combination of five talents. They motivate their employees, assert themselves to overcome obstacles, create a culture of accountability, build trusting relationships and make informed, unbiased decisions for the good of their team and company,’ says the report. ‘The majority of managers are miscast.’

Management theory has answers for why that is. The Peter Principle says people are often are promoted based on their current role, not their prospective performance in a management role. Or, they’re promoted because it’s their turn:

‘When Gallup asked U.S. managers why they believed they were hired for their current role, they commonly cited their success in a previous non-managerial role or their tenure in their company or field,’ the research group says.”



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