Have you ever …

By  via samhorn.com   Article

Don’t Tell and Sell. Show and Ask

“As a judge, I had an opportunity to review Cari’s business plan in advance. She had created a hook, called Cargo, you put in your car to hang your purse on.

I thought, ‘Really?! You’re building a business around a hook that holds a purse?’

However, Cari intrigued us in the first minute. She carted a full size car seat to the front of the room, set it down on the floor next to her and put a purse on it. She stood up, faced the group, wrapped her fingers around an imaginary steering wheel and started “driving” while saying:

‘Have you ever been driving along and you had to STOP all of a sudden?

Your cell phone falls off the passenger seat onto the floor. You’re scrabbling around trying to retrieve it with one hand while driving and trying to stay on the road with the other hand?

Imagine never having to worry about that again. Imagine having a hook that you …’

At this point, a man in the audience stood up and said, ‘I’ll take two. One for my wife and one for my daughter.’

Wow. Cari went from a skeptical ‘Really?!’ to an enthusiastic ‘I’ll take two’ in sixty seconds. That’s the power of showing and asking.

Cari did several smart things that contributed to her creating curiosity and getting our attention.

She asked instead of told. Have you been taught to start communications by telling people what you’re going to tell them, telling them, and then telling them what you told them? That’s terrible advice. Do you know anyone who likes being told what to do?

It’s more engaging to ask ‘Have you ever …?’ questions that involve people instead of inform them. Now they feel like you’re talking with them instead of at them.

She ‘made us look’ by using a prop.”


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