Your character is your future

By Dan Rockwell via   Article

The Secret to you future

“Your character is your future. Leadership is first about character then skill.

Character is:

  1. Behavior you compel yourself to do.
  2. Attitudes and actions you resort to when stressed.
  3. The way you act when no one is looking.

The 6 essential character traits of successful leaders:


  • Acknowledgement that you need others.
  • Openness to new ideas.
  • Awareness and acceptance of personal limitation and frailty.


  • Consistency between commitment and follow through.
  • No hidden agendas – transparency of intention.
  • Authenticity – opinion reflects personally held values.


  • Choose language that builds up when tempted to tear down.
  • Withhold personal attack and extend forgiveness.
  • Explore options even when you think you know.


  • Bravery to stand alone.
  • Willingness to state unpopular opinions and speak truth to power.
  • Resolve to address difficult topics with kindness.


  • Commitment to seek the highest good of others and organizations.
  • Lead with empathy and compassion.
  • Hold people to their highest potential.


  • Keep long-term perspectives in view.
  • Belief that organizational mission is worthy of grit.
  • Confidence in proven teammates to deliver results.”



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