You have to be a leader too

By Liz Ryan via   Article

How To Stop Measuring And Start Managing

“If you’re a manager, you have to be a leader too. You can’t beg off and say you aren’t wired that way — to value people, respect them, listen to them and acknowledge them for their contributions. We wouldn’t accept it as fate if a person in our Finance organization didn’t understand numbers. We would view that as a problem, and managers who don’t lead are a big problem too. …

Real leaders get out of their offices and put away the spreadsheets. They manage people face to face and over the phone. They say ‘How’s it going?  How can I help?’ like breathing. They talk about goals, but they realize that nobody on their teams will give a hoot about the goals unless there’s good energy in the team. …

Every leadership training should start with the topics of energy and respect. We won’t have any credibility talking about goals and yardsticks unless we are also willing to talk about respect and acknowledgement for the talented people we work with. It’s a new day.

Everything we want to accomplish at work is powered by human mojo. Our emphasis in 2015 and beyond must shift from the cells on a spreadsheet to the lively, warm, brilliant, funny and random people around us, the people who run our businesses for us and whose spark and passion move the numbers on those spreadsheet where we want them to be.”



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