Your turn

By Seth Godin in his book: What To Do When It Is Your Turn as reported by Jason Shen   Article

Book Notes on Your Turn by Seth Godin

” Point 1: After we fill our physical and material needs, what we do as human beings is we make art. Art something where you put yourself on the line and you show other people something can you stand behind it and you say that it’s yours.

Point 2: All the rewards, all the satisfaction, all the interesting things that happen in life go to those who are willing to play in the unknown, who are willing to do things that may or may not work.

Point 3: Even when you make your art – the world owes you nothing. Related: there’s nothing worse than going through life feeling like the world owes you something. They don’t. But you need to do what you do anyway.

Point 4: Fear fools us into playing it safe when we in fact playing it safe is never very safe at all anymore.

Point 5: The escalator is broken, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck. You just have to walk up yourself.

Point 6: Penthouse floors cost more even though when you are inside, you have no idea if there’s someone above you. People pay to know they’re on the top floor.

Point 7: All this talk about generosity and taking chance and making art is also about love. There are no guarantees. There are no promises that your love will be reciprocated. ‘Love is being generous at great expense’.”


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