Rules of growth

By Austen Allred via   Article

“Rules of Growth

  1. No one really cares about your product
  2. No one really cares about you
  3. Activity on the Internet is mostly mindless
  4. We are all subject to base desires
  5. That means you, too
  6. No one remembers what they read
  7. Everyone remembers how they feel
  8. The marketing tactics people complain about are the ones that work
  9. Everyone clicks on ads
  10. Nobody thinks they click on ads
  11. Affiliates can not be trusted
  12. Proxies solve any scaling problem
  13. Everything in this world runs according to a system
  14. Every system can be beat
  15. On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog
  16. People generally follow back
  17. Good marketers cheat
  18. Great marketers win
  19. ‘Organic growth’ is almost always a lie
  20. The greatest companies have all grown on the backs of spam
  21. Yes, all of them
  22. People hate problems more than they like solutions
  23. All press is good press
  24. Dopamine”

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