Fire your worst employee

By Kelsey Ramsden via   Article

2 Ways to Positively Identify and Fire Your Worst Employee

“About two months ago I finally fired a total buzzkill, zero-productivity leech who was working for me. This person took every opportunity to work against me and I had tolerated, even supported it, for far too long. … Someone closer than you think is tanking your opportunity to succeed and here is how he or she is doing it:

1. Avoiding conflict even though it is costing the business daily

2. Sticking her head in the sand about financial metrics

3. Wasting time analyzing things to death and taking no action

4. Telling you that you don’t know what you are doing daily, while undermining your confidence and focus

5. Avoiding tasks by doing personal tasks during work hours

6. Wasting time on social media

… Would you pay the person your salary to behave this way? I did. I paid a person as much as I make and treated her as if she were the founder and CEO. I did this because I was that very employee. I was doing each of these things. I was the worst employee I had. …

Go on, be downright brutally truthful: Would you hire yourself to do your job based on your performance over the past month?

If so, good for you, mate. Keep up the good work. If not, join the masses of entrepreneurs who fall into these performance ruts, whereby they indeed become the person most suitable for firing. If anyone else ever pulled this stuff, you would fire him or her outright. Yet, many entrepreneurs give themselves a free pass.

Well, I revoked mine. I gave myself two new mantras instead: I ask, ‘Is this what I pay you for?’ and ‘What would a pro do?'”



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