The rule of three

By Külli Koort via   Article

Managing Teams More Effectively Using the Rule of Three

“PPP is a management technique for a recurring status reporting. One of the hidden gems in these reports is that they communicate three essential things any leader needs to know about their team:




This method is used in various companies, perhaps the most famous of which are Skype and eBay. But how exactly have they managed to put this process into action?

On a weekly basis, they ask their employees to answer three simple, yet powerful questions:

1. What have you achieved this week?

This communicates the progress of the employees. The emphasis is not on the quantity of finished tasks but the quality of them. By limiting the achievements to 3-4 key tasks, you are able to get a better overview of what people are working on. …

2. What are you going to do next?

This reflects the plans part of the PPP process. This indicates what your employees are going to do next and whether they are moving in the desired direction. Are they able to prioritize their tasks and truly get the items done during the specified period. …

3. What kind of challenges are you facing?

This communicates the difficulties your team is currently facing. In an open and trustworthy atmosphere, this question generates a tremendous amount of value. It helps you avoid future disasters and take action when someone needs assistance.

Implementing this PPP process in your team on a regular basis is easy. There are three ways to make it work. You can ask these questions via e-mail, use spreadsheets or try online reporting software platforms. Whichever channel you choose, it’s important to be persistent in your efforts.”


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